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Our Guiding Principles

To make positive contributions to the next chapter of the eco-cultural heritage in this region.

  • Passionate about protecting, restoring and limiting anthropogenic impacts to the environment.

  • In Canada, and specifically here in the Columbia basin, we are fortunate to be surrounded by expanses of intact ecosystems, in comparison to many parts of the world today. We are driven by the opportunity to help humans tread lightly.

  • By fostering mutually beneficial relationships with a collective of specialized consultants, we are creating a synergistic system for achieving greater success.

Brilliant minds succeed together.

Are you a consultant with a unique skill set, interested in joining the collective?

  • Submit your CV and cover letter outlining your motivations for joining and describing your aspirations for success.

Christina Delaney, P.Ag.
MSc. Mountain Forestry
BSc. Environmental Science (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)

Christina Delaney, M.Sc. Mountain Forestry, B.Sc. Environmental Sciences (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences), Professional Agrologist
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